Choose the shape of his nails according to his hands

The morphology of the hands differs according to each woman. Some have short hands, others are wide, fingers are a little thick, or very thin. To perfect the beauty of your hands and correct their flaws, start by finding out which nail shape is best for you.

A round nail shape for which hands?

Fine hands can wear almost any nail shape. The round shape is particularly well suited to fine hands. On the other hand, it is a form of nail that tends to pack the fingers. If you have a little short or wide hands, avoid at all costs to wear round nails.

The round nail shape is very simple to make and can be worn short. It is ideal for strengthening brittle and fragile nails. It can be rounded more or less, with a nail file, accentuating the natural oval of the nail or the softener.

A square nail shape for which hands?

The square nail shape is very modern and lends itself particularly well to the French manicure. You will choose the square nail shape to give a sophisticated and glamorous touch to your hands.

 It extends the fingers and is suitable for most hands. On the other hand, if you exercise a manual activity or if your nails are fragile, avoid this form, or very short reach, because the form of square nail favors the risk of breaking of the nails. For more comfort, you can round off your square nail with a good nail file.

A form of almond nail for which hands?

Observe the natural shape of your nails. If the edges are parallel, you will be tempted by a square nail shape. On the other hand, if your nails are narrowing, it is the almond shape that suits you.

And you will love this form of very feminine nail, which lengthens the fingers, with all the follies possible in terms of length.

The longer the almond-shaped nails, the better the effect. These are perfect nails for taking out your manicure equipment and embarking on creative explorations with nail art.

A sharp nail shape for which hands?

Do you like to wear your nails very long and have an original look? Then choose a pointed nail shape that will amaze more than one. This nail shape is prettier if you have long hands and thin fingers, but it can also bring a glamorous touch to smaller hands.

However, it is not recommended if you have small nails. It would not be harmonious. To sharpen your nails, use a nail file, preferably made of glass or cardboard, and file on each side of the nail until the tip is formed. Be careful not to dig the edges too much as it may break your nails with the slightest shock. Round off the tip slightly so you do not scratch. To privilege on nails in full health!

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