6 Skincare Tips that got rid of acne

If you follow the blog a bit, you probably know that I have implemented tremendous changes over the last 18 months, both in terms of diet and beauty routine. And because I know that I'm far from being the only one in this case, I decided to address in detail my burden of all time: my endless problem with acne! The whole story of my life!

My story with acne
Let's start with the beginning ! Acne is for me a long-term fight that began around the age of 16. Quite often, dermatologists put my acne problem on account of hormones. One wondered if my ovaries were not polycystic: an ultrasound and a blood test later, it was obvious that my ovaries were going very well and my hormones too. We still wanted to put under bizarre treatments, especially under Androcur, a progestin anti-androgen, which I refused after having Google-ized!

During my teenage years, my bathroom was a traveling pharmacy. I followed the courses of doxycycline, zinc, care routines based on AHA, glycolic acid and salicylic acid but I always refused too heavy treatments such as roaccutane or the famous Androcur. I have experienced periods of large acne breakouts, lull phases, but overall, I have never got rid of my skin problems.

It's been 18 months since I realized that adding to the problem pills, antibiotics or topical treatments stuffed with chemicals did not help! The proof: everything I could do before to improve the condition of my skin never worked!

For a very long time, and like the majority of people, I thought there was no connection between diet and acne. Besides, no dermatologist has ever asked me questions about my diet!

I realized that what I swallow and the way I live does have an impact on the condition of my skin. With patience, I have gradually seen that a healthy lifestyle is paying off and having a nice skin, it is not so difficult!

6 Skincare Tips that got rid of acne

1. I eat vegan, gluten free and often raw!

To fill up with fruits and vegetables of season, as much as possible raw, is in my opinion the most important beauty gesture! After a year of good eating habits, I see that my skin is doing much better. To find out more about what I eat, go here.

2. I keep healthy lifestyles

I do not drink, I do not smoke and I sleep well! I like to get up early to enjoy the day and not watch too late. I know for a fact that my skin will pay the costs of a sleepless night or an accumulation of fatigue!

3. I switched to 100% organic

In terms of beauty products, I realize that the less I do, the better my skin goes! My old habits (testing lots of products all the time, trying anything and everything, never letting my skin breathe ...) have probably worsened my situation, which is why I am now extremely careful about the compositions of products that I uses. I try as much as possible to ban ingredients from synthetic chemistry and to favor natural ingredients and raw products (vegetable oils, floral waters ...).

4. I'm doing steam baths

A pot of boiling water, a few drops of essential oils, a towel and go! The pores are unclogged, impurities are removed and the skin metabolism is stimulated! It's a small ritual that I try to impose myself regularly.

5. I reduced the water of my beauty routine

When I had a lot of acne, I wanted to strip my face morning and evening (or more), what's more with products spitting and drying. In addition to having completely changed cleaning products, I now limit the use of tap water (which contains limestone, chlorine and other substances not terrible) to once a day, under the shower!

6. I give my skin a boost with homeopathy

I had already tested homeopathy but at the time, I absolutely did not believe it. It is now that I realize that a homeopathic treatment can not be effective if it is associated with a bad diet! After a change of diet and beauty routine, I became a fan! It is a mild medicine, which does not attack the body (like some drugs, or worse, roaccutane), which is 100% natural and above all, that treats the cause and not the symptoms!

My skin says thank you!
Today, my skin has improved significantly. I do not have any more acne breakouts that are very inflamed as was the case before, and although I would not say that I have perfect skin, there is a colossal improvement. I still have some small pimples when the bad period of the month arrives and of course scars.

As they say, Rome was not made in a day! It took me over a year to find a suitable skin: patience is necessary! We can not draw a line on years of bad habits in a snap of fingers: do not be discouraged but rather continue his little healthy train without thinking. Little by little, the changes are paying off!

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