10 cool things you can do with nail polish

No, the varnish is not put on the nails. Yes, he can do little miracles! Camouflage an addict, stick an envelope, paint keys ... Proof by 10.

1. The transparent varnish applied on costume jewelry makes them hold longer

Our hobby? Buy junk jewelry here and there. The problem is that they darken quickly and quickly lose their original color. No need to boil (!), However, apply clear varnish on it can extend their life.

2. Varnish prevents tights from spinning

Well, this trick, we imagine that 100% of girls know it! Indispensable, the mini vial of transparent nail polish to stop the disaster.

3. Varnish transforms your jewelry

It is not recommended to apply on the ring of your great grandmother .. In contrast, for cheap jewels, the color varnish works wonders. You can, for example, cover a false stone with a colored varnish, which will allow you to have a new jewel easily! The result does not please you? You just need to clean the jewel with a sponge and solvent.

4. The nail polish pimples your barrettes

Do you think that Kirby tongs, these flat clips that slip into your hair, are too basic? Apply a glitter varnish, for example. Hey, to you pretty original bars!

5. The varnish helps you to pass the eye of a needle

The unspeakable puzzle is that of passing the thread through the eye of the needle. But that was before you read this article ... Just apply a little clear varnish at the end of your thread, let dry a few seconds eh hop, voila!

6. The varnish allows you to differentiate your keys

How to tell the difference between all those keys that are alike? By covering them with nail polish of different colors, of course!

7. Varnish helps you seal your envelopes

Do you hate licking envelopes to seal? Apply a little clear varnish where you need to moisten them and you're done.

8. Varnish helps you differentiate ... your nail polish

When they are tidy (that is, IF they are tidy), it is not always easy to get your hands on the right color. Apply a touch of varnish matches on each cap to find them.

9. Varnish can turn your shoes into a little luxury jewelry

Do you like the famous shoes with red soles but you do not have the budget to offer them? Put a little red varnish on a brush and apply on your soles. Let dry, and apply a second coat. Hey!

10. Varnish can help you hide a hitch

You have scuffed your favorite pair of shoes? Do not panic: find the corresponding nail color, apply, and observe the result. Yes, it's magic!

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